Data Custodians (optional)

Data Custodians increase the efficiency of data contributions within the Vana network by aggregating data from data contributors before it is submitted to a DLP. DLPs might opt to leverage Data Custodians to lower the barrier of entry for Data Contributors to share their data with DLPs.


  • Act as intermediaries for Data Contributors to host their data.

  • Simplify the process for Data Contributors to contribute data to DLPs.

  • Ensure the safekeeping and accessibility of data and provide encryption to protect data from exploits.

  • Comply with data protection regulations (GDPR, CCPA), ensuring data is hosted, stored, and accessed within authorized jurisdictions only.

  • Generate zk-proofs for validators to verify the authenticity, integrity, and contribution of the data.

Data Custodians provide an optional service to simplify the data contribution process. Data Contributors share revenue with Custodians when they subscribe to their services.

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