Introduction to the API

Data portability and personal model API, allowing you personalize your app

This documentation is for our production data portability API. If you're interested in the path towards decentralizing this infrastructure, please see the Network Overview

The Vana API connects a user's cross-platform personal data (images, WhatsApp, Instagram, voice recordings, personality, aesthetic preferences) to allow you to personalize your application. Your app gains instant access to a user's personalized AI model or underlying data, simplifying onboarding and eliminating compute cost concerns.

Steps to integrate

  1. OAuth Implementation: Easily integrate Vana OAuth to allow users to grant your application access to their personalized models and data. If you are a crypto-native application, you can have a user sign a transaction to grant access to their data

  2. Personalized API Calls: Leverage the personalized image or text APIs to interact with the user's model or data directly from your app, while compute costs are covered via Vana Credits (either by the user or you). It is a single API call for all users.

Vana API in the wild

  • Portrait creates beautiful stylized portraits of you for self exploration and expression

  • uSlap sends a daily motivational voicemail based on your wellness goals using your own inner voice

  • Dating Copilot helps you draft your dating profile, making finding the one much easier. Here is the open source code if you'd like to build upon it.

Technical Motivation

We want to give every developer the power of personalization that Big Tech has - a huge amount of context on the user using your application. We think users should be able to bring their personal data from walled gardens, like Instagram, Facebook and Google, to your application, so you can create amazing personalized experience from the very first time a user interacts with your consumer AI application.

Model Portability

It's hard to manage one fine-tuned model for each user, but fine-tuned models can power really amazing product experiences. The Vana API makes integrating AI models fine-tuned for each user as easy as integrating a single model. Inference is fast for every user's model, and it is trained on private data that developers don't have to deal with or worry about.

The compute costs can also get exceptionally high when working with large models, both for training and for inference. The Vana API allows users to cover their own compute costs, allowing your application to scale without a skyrocketing cloud bill. We have over 1M users who have already trained AI models on their private data, and are looking for additional applications they can use it in.

We are a friendly team happy to help. If you have any questions, email us at

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