Network Overview

Vana is a decentralized network enabling global data creation and advancing AI innovation within an open data economy.

The network relies on two key concepts

Vana consists of a Data Liquidity Layer, designed to introduce data on-chain as transferable digital assets, and an Application Layer (the so-called Data Portability Layer) for user-owned data applications powered by verified data. The universal connectome is a permissionless, real-time map of data flowing through the ecosystem.

Data Liquidity Layer

Collective, pooled data is much more valuable than individual data as it can be used as AI training data. The Data Liquidity Layer facilitates the contribution, validation, and recording of data into Data Liquidity Pools (DLPs) via smart contracts.

DLP creators set specific objectives, including the purpose, validation method, and contribution parameters. Data contributors and custodians submit data for validation, receiving governance rights and rewards based on the DLP's parameters.

The primary goal is to bring data onchain, enabling transactions among Data Contributors, Custodians, and Validators, thereby organizing data collection and management for user and developer accessibility within the ecosystem.

Data Liquidity Pools

Data Liquidity Pools (DLPs) aggregate similar types of data submitted to the data liquidity layer by Data Contributors and Custodians. Each DLP is an individual peer-to-peer network that uses DLP Validators to ensure data integrity through Vana’s proof-of-contribution system. DLPs provide trustless, private, and attributable data liquidity pools from which users and developers can:

  • Govern the use of their data in model training and application development.

  • Build community-focused applications in Vana’s application layer.

  • Sell data liquidity access to Data Consumers for model training.

Data Portability Layer

The Data Portability Layer, or Application Layer, is a collaborative space for Data Contributors and developers to build applications using data from DLPs. It provides the infrastructure for training user-owned models and developing AI dApps. This layer acts as a hub where online communities and developers create economic value from data, fostering an interactive ecosystem. Data contributors benefit from the network effects and value generated by the intelligence derived from their data.


The Connectome is a decentralized ledger that records real-time data transactions in Vana’s ecosystem using proof-of-stake consensus. It ensures valid DLP token transfers and enables cross-DLP data access for user-owned applications. External parties can view and monitor these transactions. The Connectome is EVM-compatible, allowing interoperability with other EVM networks, protocols, and DeFi applications.

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