Contribute Data

Submit test data to see how your crypto wallet can manage permissions and to establish yourself as an early user. Choose a DLP, submit test data, and observe the network in action.

Testnet Disclaimer

In order to participate in the Testnet, we encourage users to create new test accounts for their activities. This approach ensures that the data remains valid for testing purposes but minimizes potential risks associated with the use of personal information.

Save your real data for the Vana mainnet launch.

Do Not Upload Personal Data

Please do not upload personal data. Create a new test account instead to ensure data validity and protect your privacy.

Non-Migratory Data

All testnet data will not be migrated to mainnet. Do not expect your testnet data to be available on the mainnet.

Testing Purposes Only

Uploading data is for testing purposes only. No tokens have value on testnet.

Participate in a DLP

Testnet participants can access DLPs and contribute their individual test data. Each DLP has specific requirements for the type of data needed, how to contribute it, and the rewards users will receive.

Some DLPs offer a frontend interface for data submission, while others require contributors to manually write their data contribution transactions.

Please join our Discord to get an overview over all existing DLPs and how to access them.

If you need some initial VANA token to pay for testnet transaction fees, a faucet is available at:

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