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Satori Testnet

The Satori testnet is a fully evm-compatible L1 designed for private data. It is a testing ground for data liquidity pool creators and validators to compete.

Satori Testnet is under active development. You may encounter bugs, performance issues, and other disruptions. We appreciate your feedback and contributions to help to resolve any issues. Please join our Discord for the most up-to-date information.

Terms of Service for Participation in the Testnet

Please make sure to read carefully the Terms before you participate in any activities on Satori Testnet.

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Network name

Satori Testnet



Setting up the Network

A quick video on setting up the Satori Testnet and perform a simple data transaction.

You will also find a button on the bottom left in the Block Explorer to add the Network with one click to your MetaMask

Block Explorer

A block explorer is a web-based tool that allows users to view details about blocks, transactions, addresses, and other activities on a blockchain network. Block explorers provide a user-friendly interface for accessing blockchain data, making it easier to track transactions, monitor network activity, and verify information without needing to run a full node.

Token Faucet

To begin testing on Satori, use the faucet to send free tokens to your wallet so you can register a DLP or a validator node. The faucet is rate-limited, but if you need more tokens to test, send your wallet address in discord and the community will help you out.

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