Our Guiding Use Cases

With Vana, users and developers can incentivize global data contribution and accelerate the development of user-owned data applications, AI models, and data liquidity pools. These use cases have guided our architecture:

User-Owned Data Treasury

Incentivize 100 million people to export their Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit data to create the first user-owned data treasury.

Network Features

Vana enables non-custodial data storage, attributes voting rights based on data contributions, and verifies the legitimacy of data to ensure quality.


Each user adds their data to their personal server and grants access to a trusted verifier. Users then contribute their data to a collective server by encrypting it with the server's public key. The collective server operates according to rules set by the data contributors.

User-Owned Foundation Models

Build a model owned and governed by 100 million data-contributing users.

Network Features

Vana stores model weights in a non-custodial way, secures distributed training on private data, allows users to earn through model usage, and enables collective governance of the model.


Users train a piece of the model on their personal servers and grant access to the foundation model DAO to merge all individual pieces. The foundation model DAO evaluates the value each person's data contributes and rewards them with a model-specific token. Developers interact with the model API by burning this token.

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